Social lotteries for social good

Lottovate are a part of ZEAL, a company that invents, runs and manages lotteries for organisations, governments and charities. They focus on the charity side of things. Essentially a tech company, they develop lottery platforms and games that bring people together and raise stacks of money for good causes.

Getting to the heart of it

Lottovate already had a brand. It just didn’t quite capture what they were really about. Their genuine passion for making a difference didn’t shine through. And it was all a bit serious. We needed to give them something with a bit more heart.

This thinking led us to their new strapline: ‘Play from the heart’. It expresses what they’re all about: enjoying games to the fullest while raising money for amazing causes. The strapline also informed the logo: a stylised, ownable heart.

Putting it in words

By using bold colours and a softer, rounded typeface, we managed to better capture the type of energised, fun, organisation Lottovate is. However, there’s only so much you can say with colours and fonts. To really bring the essence of a brand to life, you need words.

Messaging lies at the core of our approach to building successful brands. So we focused on what Lottovate said – and how they said it. Yes, they enable organisations to raise serious money for serious causes, but they’re not overly serious themselves.

We kept the writing upbeat and active, elevating their sense of purpose throughout and adding a dash of fun whenever possible. For example, the ‘Team’ section of the site became ‘Meet the Lottovaters’.

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