A fusion of business and technology

Imperial Business Analytics is an alliance between Imperial College Business School and KPMG. Its purpose is to demystify big data for UK business leaders, and show how innovative approaches to data visualisation can open up business opportunities and add value.

Keeping it simple

The brand we developed resonates with the core purpose of making the complex simple. We built a website that is heavy on information yet light on words; stripped-back yet visually rich to make sophisticated concepts accessible.

Bringing it all together

Video, animations and micro-interactions bring the brand to life across different areas of the website. The user experience is enhanced by pixels that change colour as users scroll, subtly and seamlessly guiding them through the site.

Our intuitive design combined with an effective content strategy ensures users leave the site with the information they need. By bringing together the best of branding and digital from the very beginning, Imperial Business Analytics feels focused, integrated and clear. It is the third space between KPMG and the Imperial College Business School brand we developed.

Experience the site for yourself...

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