Showcasing the best of British creativity

The Crafts Council is the UK's national development agency for contemporary crafts. Their goal is to make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about craft.

In designing the identity for three flagship exhibitions, Lab Craft, Lost in Lace, and Collect, we positioned each event as accessible and the work as extraordinary.

Exceeding expectations

Our brief for Lost in Lace was to create a sensitive but bold statement, appealing to traditional craft enthusiasts, younger art students and tourists. The brand challenged convention to engage audiences not familiar with this type of work.

Consequently, the exhibition became a huge success. The target was 25,000 visitors, but the final footfall was 40,046 with a 95% satisfaction rate.

Lab Craft was an exhibition that explored the use of technology as an extension to the human hand. The key challenge was to integrate some of the digital technologies in the brand design itself. By combining a traditional mastery of tools and materials with a more contemporary aesthetic, we designed an ISTD 2014 award-winning identity that earned the exhibition critical acclaim.

Pushing creative boundaries

Working with the Crafts Council has enabled us to collaborate with other talented artists, pushing our boundaries and exploring new ways to communicate, while also helping the Crafts Council to champion British craft and diversify its audience.

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