Framing digital stories for the BBC

Digital Storytelling is an editorial team working on production, innovation and research to help the BBC extend its content into the online space.

Whether working with BBC Three to curate and present responses to their insightful documentaries, or helping BBC Two by creating 360 degree photographs of astronauts, Digital Storytelling combines technology with creative thinking to tell BBC stories in interactive ways.

Standing out

The Digital Storytelling team needed its own identity to distinguish itself amongst a mass of BBC mini-brands like BBC iWonder and BBC Taster. The brand had to capture the idea of digital while being flexible enough to function across a variety of on and offline channels.

The identity is based around a set of malleable visual devices designed to frame content in a clean and considered way. Shifting blocks reference both the traditional three-act story structure and the changing nature of digital narratives.

The logo reflects the idea of stories, and has lots of potential for animation and motion.

A new visual language

The image system allows Digital Storytelling to literally frame stories using its own visual language, whether it’s across social media or internal presentations.

The identity has been rolled out across all key channels. With Digital Storytelling still a fledgling platform, the new identity has given focus to its ambitions and methods, framing content in a way that feels uncomplicated, intuitive and, most importantly, digital.

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