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From the Sydney Opera House to Marina Bay Sands, Arup is the world’s leading building engineering firm. For 70 years, their iconic projects have been based on a desire to push the possibilities of how the built environment can benefit their clients and the environments in which we live and work.

Shaping a better world

Arup is a firm that has something different to say. A new tone of voice has helped them explain how their mission – ‘shaping a better world’ – underpins everything they do. Four key principles enable the firm to tell a clear story, with the flexibility to adapt language for particular audiences or situations. Most importantly, it gives their audiences a clearer understanding of the varied impact that their complex work has.

A different perspective

The 2016 Annual Report continues to widen how Arup tell the story of the work. Going beyond just the innovative technical achievements, clients contributed their view of working with Arup and the value they added; and Arup people have described their year, showcasing the diversity and blend of skills and experience.

Telling a richer story

A high-quality printed document will always be the main element within Arup’s Annual Report communications. This year it is supported by a dedicated microsite that gives a high level snapshot of the year, stimulating greater engagement and a deeper understanding of their business.

"OPX understood our requirements and aims straight away. They made the process enjoyable and they felt like an extension of our team, which is always what you strive for with an agency."

Rich Brown
Global Internal Communications Manager

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