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Carafe Blu

Published on February 19, 2008

OPX have been appointed by Thames Water and the Mayor of London to deliver a major new initiative to get London to drink more tap water in its restaurants, cafes and bars. The initiative ties in with a major focus on the sustainability of bottled water highlighted by a recent BBC's Panorama programme.

'London On Tap' was launched at GLA's County Hall on Tuesday 19 February, with support from Mayor Ken Livingstone, Environment Minister Phil Woolas and the Green Party's Jenny Jones. The centre piece of the campaign will be a design competition, open to all London-based designers, to create an iconic carafe to be used across the Capital's restaurants, cafes and bars. Focus will be on producing a design that is not only beautiful but also highly sustainable in its use of materials and means of production.

OPX have been involved in all aspects of the campaign, from naming and brand development through to delivery of printed materials and the campaign's microsite. The consultancy will also play a key role in shaping and managing the design competition process.

OPX Partner Simon Goodall said: "It is exciting to be involved with such a high-profile campaign that has such a positive environmental message. From a sustainability stand-point bottled water is a bit of a car-crash. If this campaign means that tap water will be brought straight to your table in restaurants across London then it will have been a big success. We hope the carafe will also offer an opportunity to celebrate

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