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The unique challenges of designing for niche retail

Branding a niche retailer requires a sense of chemistry between designer and client.... keep reading

Going off piste?

When it comes to branding, are the ski companies on the straight and narrow or have they gone off piste?... keep reading

Corporate communications go mobile

The digital world isn’t changing. It has already changed.... keep reading

Showing it works

Proving that intelligent brand design can have a measurable impact on businesses isn’t an easy feat. Our recent Design Effectiveness bronze award is a great example of how we’ve done it…..... keep reading

Look Mum, we've won!

We’re thrilled to be the recipients of a Design Effectiveness Award!... keep reading

Sweet talk

Just a number for your OS is sooo boring, but could there be a sting in the tail for Google’s new name for its latest OS... keep reading

Lessons from the darkside

The Mail Online has the art of digital prominence down to a tee... keep reading

Timely talk saves reputations

Guest writer Lynda Relph-Knight explains how she’s been less than impressed by the return of the bank that likes to say yes.... keep reading

Crestfallen: the Everton guide to brand development

The furore on Merseyside over Everton’s new club crest provides some interesting lessons for anyone looking to rebrand... keep reading

Education, education, education

Our very own David Bennett has been part of the ISTD panel judging the Student Assessment Initiative award... keep reading

Hi there. Endorse Me.

Not everyone’s a fan of LinkedIn’s skills and expertise endorsement feature….... keep reading

How do we change the way people think about energy?

OPX’s first roundtable was co-hosted with Energy Saving Trust. It addressed an issue of growing importance to everyone... keep reading

Designs of the Year 2013

How do you curate the already-curated?... keep reading

Legibility and functinality

Confusion and clarity in Munich airport... keep reading

Google glass, in context

Odd-looking eyewear, or epoch defining invention?... keep reading

The Unsinkable Brand

What does Italy’s Ex-premier, Silvio Berlusconi, have to teach us about scandal?... keep reading

The Rewards of the Extraordinary

A look at events where reality becomes representation... keep reading

"The image speaks for itself"

David Bennett, OPX director, explains some of the ideas behind Edition One of ‘Visuelle Paper”. ... keep reading


What can we expect from Apple UI’s in the post-Jobs era? ... keep reading

Thinking through colour

Can you cut-and-dry decisions about colour? ... keep reading

Kickstarter, or, the wisdom of crowds?

Crowdsourcing – kick-starting the end of the ubiquitous ordinary?... keep reading

In the wake of HMV...

Who’s next after HMV?... keep reading

Is sustainable web design bananas?

Sustainable website design has come onto the agenda. Is it the way forward or just bananas?... keep reading

In search of something personal

In search of something personal

Big Data is delivering the personalization of consumer experience, changing the way people relate to each other in fundamental ways... keep reading

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

The recent ITV rebrand signals a step change from previous identities. What does that say about a companies core values, and does it matter that much anyway?... keep reading

Starbucks: Selling the contradiction

Starbucks: Selling the contradiction

The recent furore over tax avoidance has highlighted a key difference in marketing strategy between Starbucks and other brands... keep reading

A traditional Christmas?

A traditional Christmas?

As 2012 draws to an end, we’ve been thinking about how communications have changed and what’s enduring... keep reading

Can James Bond save our arts education too?

Can James Bond save our arts education too?

While America had its election, we had the Olympics and James Bond. Unfair contest maybe – Bond always wins... keep reading

eBay Logo

Feeling flat

In simplifying logos to better suit mobile screens, design looks to have embraced the bland... keep reading

Who's managing your brand?

The days of rigidly controlled brand solutions and massive guideline manuals are gone. But how should brands be managed in an era where communication is all about developing dialogue?... keep reading